Welcome to Panther Pro

Panther Pro incorporates 2 of the leading companies in the auto glass sector:



Panther Pro is a leading specialists in windshield replacement tools. Duobond is one of the oldest repair equipment manufacturers in the world.

We design and produce our own range of specialist windshield products and systems.

We have offices in Europe and in the USA to be as close as possible to our customers. Not only do we make sure that we supply the highest quality products, we make sure that our customers are trained correctly and that they are adapted to our customer’s needs. By being close to you we can make sure that the products you want are what you actually need. We don’t believe in just selling a tool for the sake of it. It has to have an impact on what you do and help you save time, money and effort.

Duobond and Scratchaway are brands that form an integral part of our product offering. They manufacture their own tools and resins in house thereby making sure you get the highest quality products available. Scratchaway’s makes unique glass scratch removal systems that make your work faster and cleaner than anything else on the market. All their products are 43R compliant meaning that when a repair is done the glass conforms to OEM standards.


The Panther Pro Fit Glass System

The brilliant Panther-Pro Fit-Glass system was designed to assist Autoglass technicians in the exact fit and removal of windshields, back glasses, panoramic roofs on ANY type of vehicle.

Our system can be set up from storage to action in under two minutes and set-down equally quickly making for an efficient and practical tool that will not only save you money as you can literally halve the manpower required to safely install any piece of Autoglass.

The Fit-Glass System can be used on any vehicle ranging from the smallest car through to Semis, Buses, large commercial vans and will accommodate windshields, back glasses, panoramic roofs and pretty much anything you can throw at it.

With over 1000 in use today, we can produce evidence that use of the Fit-Glass System has reduced glass handling injuries by around 70%.

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Simple To Use
  • Protects from Injury
  • Quick Set Up
  • One Man Sets
  • Holds the Weight
  • Easy Storage